Julien on Geocaching in Puisaye

The 1st Geocaching event in Puisaye was organised on Sunday, June 18th, 2017! It has brought together about thirty "Geofriends" ready to discover our beautiful Puisaye, in a playful and connected fashion !

Geocaching is a hobby which consists in using satellite geo-positioning technology (GPS) to find or conceal “caches” in various locations worldwide.

The 1st event in Puisaye

I am from Puisaye and I have been a geocaching enthusiast for some years. All together with Pierre from the tourist Office of Puisaye-Forterre, we’ve decided to create an event on Sunday June 18th 2017.  A geocachers meeting at a specific hour and a place in order to discuss our passion. And for the occasion, to create about twenty hidding spots around the ponds of the villages of Bléneau and Champoulet. And these spots are installed on a trail of about 12km.

The goal is to bring geocachers from different regions to discover our little spot of Burgundy. The event was a success, several dozen geocachers from nearby departments (77, 45, 89, 18 and 45) made the trip for the occasion. All of them were able to enjoy on the carefully choosen hidding spots, ass well as the surrounding landscape.

Thus, in 2017, over 3 million hidding spots have been installed in more than 180 countries for about 7 million players.

So come and join us either with your mountain bike, by foot, on horseback or by car… or what you will! Then go out and have fun with geocaching in the most beautiful places in France and the rest of the world.

More info :  www.geocaching.com