Gérard on hiking

Walking, wandering, trekking : these words take all their meaning throught the season, your mood and availability. The scenery that takes place under your steps gives you the opportunity to daydream, to escape or to melt in these landscapes, this vegetal mineral and animal world.

According to Gérard, walking enables hikers to find themselves, to ponder, to think in an auspicious setting. Without any constraints and with magical moments spent in the nature that la Puisaye-Forterre gives us. Then we feel lighter and we are facing ourselves.

To wander through carpets of leaves, plants left over, to encounter local people and wild life is to recharge your batteries.

Hiking is a rewarding moment according to Gérard

Wether you are hyking alone or in a group, enjoy listening to the sounds, enjoy the charm of the places far away from busy roads. These are free and rewarding pleasures for everyone.

No matter the distance travelled, the main thing is the pleasure you have from contemplating these two geographical territories so different but so complementary.

Our Puisaye and Forterre have compatible assets. By high sunshine, la Puisaye welcomes us in its hollow paths bellow vaults formed by hedges and woods. While in winter, the stony paths of Forterre with its vast horizons make it easier for us to walk.