The Burgundy Canal

Everything looks nice on the Burgundy Canal when you’re riding your bike

As the old French song says : « we used to leave early in the morning, we used to go on these paths by bicycle »… and with its 242 kilometers and 189 locks, there’s a lot of pedalling to do along the Burgundy Cana.

You’re not so keen on sports and prefer to let yourself being soflty rocked by the water ? It’s also feasible as several boat rental companies offer their services. It’s true that a nice aperitif with one of our many good wines and « gougères » (savoury pastry choux) by lulling over the water seems nice, doesn’t it ?

At your own pace

So whether it be by foot, boat or bike don’t lose sight of the water which will make you discover some Burgundy treasures : from Renaissance castles of the Yonne, through the sumptuous  Abbaye de Fontenay, and the Muséoparc d’Alesia to the Capital of the Dukes of Burgundy, you’ll be flabbergasted.

Fun fact : did you know there’s even 3kms of underground canal ?

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