WIFI hotspots

So you think that checking your e-mails while you’re at the countryside is impossible ? Well luckyly enough the tourists officies are here to save the day...

Wifi en Puisaye-Forterre

Going on holiday at the countryside but still connected !

Tough luck (or your job) urges you to take a look at your e-mails … but you’re currently in Puisaye (without any Wifi connection), relaxing and sunbathing by the  Lac du Bourdon. Or maybe you’re even just waking up from your night at a chambre d’hôtes or shopping for Puisaye potteries to bring home. But your boss wants you to answer his mesage within 24h. What can you do when you’ve been unplugged since you arrived here !

And the question that pops to your mind : « where am I to find a quiet Wifi hotspot to check my e-mails? » Keep calm ! If you holiday accommodation doesn’t provide a connection, you can go to the  following villages :

Wifi en Puisaye

  • Saint Sauveur en Puisaye
  • Saint-Fargeau
  • Toucy
  • Charny Orée de Puisaye
  • Rogny les Sept Ecluses
  • Saint-Amand en Puisaye
  • Treigny

I just love the Tourist Officices

A free and secured Wifi access is provided by the Territorial Bourgogne network and by tourist offices ! So you may say “Thank you Tourist Offices” if you please… Even more reason as we have the nicest employees at the reception desk !

Even greater, the connection’s still on even when the Tourist Offices are closed. So geeks, go and get your tablets !

To get on the internet just open your browser and you’ll arrive on a page where you’ll be asked your e-mail address, your postal code and to accept the terms of use. It’s the same process in all the tourist officices of Puisaye, so no need to renew the operation. It’s easy as ABC !

And if you don’t have your device with you, the tourist office of St Amand-en-Puisaye has a self-service computer at your disposal, who could ask for anything more ?