No need to get lost in the depths of Alsace to see beautiful half-timbered houses. And who needs Big Ben when you have the Clock Tower (which dates from the 15th century and therefore much older than the tower of the Palace of Westminster !).

Auxerre – ©Alexandra Laurent

Discover Auxerre

There’s no need either to go to the crowded banks of the Rhone in Lyon, when those of Auxerre invite you to wander. You can even enjoy a drink yours feets in the sand if you feel like it. And why would you bother getting lost in the catacombs of Paris, when you have la crypte de l’abbaye Saint Germain. Which is by the way, older than the abbey itself, and which also holds France’s most ancient Carolingian frescoes !

Otherwise, mind your pronouciation, we’re a little bit touchy about it, the « x » sounds like an « s » as in « see » so we say « Ausserre »and not « Auxerre » (as in « ox » for instance).

 At your own pace !

And there’s so many differnt ways to explore Aux(ss)erre : by foot, with an electric vehicle, with a bike…but why not also on board of an electric boat ! Let’s go green !

And if you’re not so keen on culture and heritage you have the choice between shopping (there’s a lot to do, guaranted !) or vineyards (here again, there’s plenty for you to see) !

To be honest, Auxerre (can you say it right ?) is a city that deserves to be visited. At least just for the pleasure to make a selfie from the big arch and to post it on your instagram account. Or for the happiness of drinking a nice glass of Saint Bris wine and taste « gougères » (savoury choux pastries) on the place Saint Nicolas …. But don’t forget to come back to Puisaye !

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