Enjoying the countryside

We are lucky enough as to live in this off the beaten tracks spot of Burgundy. Here, no vineyards or large abbeys but simply places where it is good to live. How long is it since you’ve last had a break ?
Lac du Bourdon - Saint-Fargeau

Lac du Bourdon – Saint-Fargeau – ©Alexandra Laurent

Will you dare to get lost on our byroads for a break in Puisaye ?

Our landscapes are an invitation contemplation…

Of course, it’s not the other side of the world, even tough sometimes it may be… but our landscapes are gorgeous. In spring you can admire, the yellow rapeseed fields against the blue sky. In summer the wheats wave downwind. In autumn, our forests blush and in winter the mist rises in the morning to let appear a frosted landscape it’s… just sublime !

Our villages deserve a detour

Our roads will take you to our little villages where you’ll have the chance to meet our local producers and craftspersons and visit our marketplaces. And who knows, maybe our local produces will remind you some childhood flavors.

You don’t feel like cooking ? No problem, our chefs  are delighted to enhance all these delicacies.

Why not wandering our hollowways and sunken paths ?

Our holloways and woodlands that Colette cherished so much, deserve your visit either for a short stroll or even a hike if you prefere.

Randonnée en Puisaye
Yes, you may get lost on our roads, sometimes there’s no mobile network or you’ll get stuck behind a tractor, so what ? The best things in life have a price, don’t they ?

Here there’s no air pollution, no horn blowing every single minute, just twitting birds and flowing water. Of course it’s not the south of France with its marvelous scents, and we don’t have the ocean spray nor the city attractiveness…

It’s just a lost locality in Burgundy that we call home, and which is awaiting for you if you’re willing to have a break.

So you may just be here for the week-end a week or even longer, but make sure to venture the backroads and enjoy the little things that can make you feel so good now and then.