Puisaye-Forterre is an exceptional region with a rich heritage and traditional know-how. Explore its castles, Its churches and murals and admire the work of artisan potters and artists in their workshop or shop. Set off on a beautiful and rich cultural epic in this little corner of Burgundy.

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Castles and historic sites

Puisaye is an inspiring land, which reinvents its own tradition and which innovates today with the past. Here, discover the breath of history, an epic dimension that Guedelon retraces but also the castles and historical sites like the Castle of Ratilly, the castle of Druyes-les-Belles-Fontaines and the castle of Saint Fargeau. Live unique experiences in the heart of Burgundy.

Crafts and know-how

Nathalie Jard
Pottery house of pottery memory

La Puisaye-Forterre is a country that “vibrates”, where artists and artisans have the floor, dialogue, exhibit, make themselves known and recognized in museums, galleries and workshops. A land that inspires pottery artists, fascinated by ocher and its nuances and who, in turn, leave their mark. Come meet them and discover unique pieces. You can also come and train or participate in workshops.

Museums and exhibitions

Discover a remarkable heritage by diving into different worlds according to various themes. La Puisaye is a land that inspired one of the greatest writers: Colette. But also a country linked to pottery traditions going through artistic and unusual places which highlight real know-how.

Art and galleries

Inventive and artistic land, Puisaye-Forterre is renowned for its numerous artists who travel through our territory. Here, the creative genius is present in most of our boutiques and galleries, located in our pretty villages of character. Open their doors and meet those who shape our destination and make it known, beyond our borders.

Arsène Jurman / Puisaye Tourism
The graphic arts center of the Metairie Bruyère in Parly


A generous country, attentive to nature with its Natura 2000 natural spaces.

Between nature and water, where canals, ponds, gardens and hedgerows intertwine. A country of reunion, with oneself in the heart of soothing and harmonious landscapes suited to man.

Churches and murals

Alexandra Laurent
Mural paintings of the church of Moutiers-en-Puisaye

For centuries, Puisaye was one of the main centers of ocher exploitation, natural dye with multiple uses. Here, ocher plays polychromy in local architecture, associated with brick or ferruginous sandstone. It illuminates the walls of religious buildings. These murals are precious testimonies of the lifestyles, thoughts and beliefs of the eras to which they belong.

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