Do you never go on vacation without your dog? Know that traveling with your pet to Puisaye-Forterre is possible! When you consider him a full member of your family, you hope that he can accompany you wherever you go.

Holidays with your dog in Puisaye-Forterre

In this section, you will discover all the useful information to organize your vacation in Puisaye-Forterre with your 4-legged companion:

Top 4 nature activities to do with your dog

Lac du Bourdon in Saint-Fargeau
Arsène Jurman / Puisaye Tourism


Bourdon Lake

Nestled in the heart of Puisaye-Forterre, Bourdon Lake, a few kilometers from Saint Fargeau is the ideal destination for lovers of nature and outdoor walks.

Bourdon Lake

Holidays and travel with your dog in Puisaye-Forterre
Arsène Jurman / Puisaye Tourism


Walks and hikes

La Puisaye-Forterre is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, between green hills, mysterious forests and rolling fields. With more than 120 hiking trails, discover superb landscapes with your dog.

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Andryes Marais Trail in Puisaye-Forterre


The Andryes marsh

A sensory and exotic stroll in the heart of a unique and preserved natural site. 3 interpretation trails are available to you, allowing everyone to intensely experience their direct and fundamental relationship with nature.

Discover the Andryes marsh

Deer and Deer in Puisaye at Boutissaint Park
Jean Tetu


Boutissaint Natural Park

Come awaken your senses and treat yourself to unforgettable memories while exploring 420ha of forest where people live 400 animals in complete freedom : deer, fallow deer, wild boars as well as European bison and mouflons in enclosures.

Boutissaint animal park

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