Bourdon Lake, located at Saint Fargeau just 1h30 from Paris in the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region, is a artificial reservoir with an area of ​​220 hectares which is also suitable for carp fishing enthusiasts only to the followers of water activities.

Surrounded by a preserved and wild forest, Lac du Bourdon is the gem of the Yonne department. Paddle, canoeing, supervised swimming, fishing, water pedaling, hiking, horse riding, picnics and relaxation are on the program.

Lac du Bourdon, a natural environment in Burgundy

Located to the west of the Yonne department, close to the Nièvre, Loiret and Seine et Marne departments, on the border of Burgundy and the Loire, Lac du Bourdon is the summer meeting place for your holidays in Puisaye. Depending on the season, “the Bourdon pond” as the locals call it, offers remarkable colors and varied leisure activities such as swimming, hiking and carp fishing, famous throughout France. A natural and wild environment conducive to relaxation, for a day outdoors in our beautiful region.

Aerial view of Lac du Bourdon in Saint-Fargeau
Arsène Jurman / Puisaye Tourism

Pratical information

Depth: 15m

Area: 220 hectares

Width : 500m

Length: 3 km

Altitude : 215m

Is it safe to swim in Bumblebee Lake?

 La bathing is authorized in Lac du Bourdon. The water quality is analyzed regularly by the Regional Health Agency, and the beach located on the northern part of the lake, opposite the Calanque campsite, is an ideal place for swimming with children since this area is supervised in July-August. There are many ponds in our region, but swimming is not allowed there.

Is it possible to park easily by car and camper van?

Two parking lots are easily accessible and free for cars and motorhomes. One on the northern part, opposite the Calanque campsite. The other, on the southern part, next to the Auberge du Lac restaurant.

A free parking area for motorhomes is provided along the D185 road. Parking is permitted day and night.

Are there picnic areas near Lac du Bourdon?

Yes, there are picnic areas along the water. The Lac du Bourdon site offers an ideal setting for enjoying an outdoor picnic while admiring the landscape. You can sit on the grass or on the sand and in areas equipped with tables and benches in shaded areas.

Why Bumblebee Lake?

This horse-shaped lake is the largest in the region. It is part of the Seine watershed and was created in 1901 to supply the Briare canal. Its name is due to the Bourdon stream, which has its source in the town of Treigny and which notably supplies the body of water of the Château de Saint-Fargeau, located three kilometers away.

Swimming and water activities at Lac du Bourdon

During your vacation, come and cool off on sunny days, dive into the lake and enjoy unforgettable moments with family or friends. You will then have the choice: relaxing and sunbathing on the beach, cooling off in the water, or even a pedal boat.

We enjoy spending an afternoon swimming, beaching and playing in the sand at Lac du Bourdon with the children. A natural and wild setting that we enjoy every summer.


Lac du Bourdon allows you to practice various leisure, fun and friendly activities, accessible to all. You can come with your own equipment or rent it at the Daniel Bailly leisure center located on the shores of Lac du Bourdon.

The leisure center welcomes groups, schools and individuals from March 1 to November 15.

  • canoe Kayak
  • Windsurfing
  • Paddle boarding
  • Kayak polo
  • dinghy
  • Archery
  • Mountain bike or hybrid bike
  • Riding stable
  • Sailing nautical club

Arsène Jurman / Puisaye Tourism

Bumblebee Lake: Are you into sporting activities, swimming or relaxation? Everything is possible here…

Carp fishing at the Bourdon reservoir and the Puisaye ponds

Fishing enthusiasts will find at Lac du Bourdon a true paradise in a natural environment where the presence of fish is optimal. The lake is renowned for its abundant population of common carp attracting fishermen from all over France. Part of this artificial lake is suitable for “No-Kill carnivorous” carp fishing trips, at places called “la Garenne” and “Les Fondreaux”. You will be able to settle down peacefully at the water's edge, without being disturbed, notably practice carp fishing at night which is authorized.

Did you know?

The 18th edition of the carp fishing world championship took place in Saint-Fargeau. 26 nations were represented. Lac du Bourdon has also hosted the French championships and regional competitions several times.

How to fish at Lac du Bourbon?

You can get your fishing license online or at one of the fishing license resellers of the AAPPMA les étangs de Puisaye association. You will find all the information on the website of the Yonne departmental fishing federation as well as the location of specific fishing routes in the department. The pfishing course is accessible with an interfederal fishing license “EHGO”, “CHI” or “URNE” or with a card issued by a reciprocal Yonne association. The Bourdon reservoir is in the 2nd category of the public domain. The Puisaye ponds fishing card also allows you to fish in the ponds of the communes of Moutiers-en-Puisaye, Saint-Martin-des-champs and Saint-Privé.

Is it allowed to fish at Lac du Bourdon all year round?

 Lac du Bourdon offers fishing accessible all year round, making it a favorite place for fishing enthusiasts. However, it is essential to respect current fishing regulations, particularly regarding permitted fish species, minimum catch sizes and breeding periods.

What species of fish are present in Lac du Bourdon?

The Bourdon reservoir has a good fish density with the presence of white fish (bleak, roach, bream), a large population of large predators (zander, pike) and a good population of intermediate-sized common carp.

Discover Puisaye-Forterre in the Burgundy-Franche-Comte region

Lac du Bourdon is perfectly placed in the center of France so that you can benefit from a refreshing break during your vacation.

There are many places to visit in the area such as castle of Saint-Fargeau, Guedelon, Colette's house, our potters but also nature activities like Boutissaint animal park, Bois de la Folie adventure park and Castle Farm. Just a few kilometers from the lake, character villages are to be discovered like Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye, Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye, Druyes-les-Belles-Fontaines, Toucy and Rogny-les-Sept-Ecluses.

How to get to Bourdon Lake?

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