While holidays are often associated with the sea and large tourist centers, Puisaye-Forterre in Yonne in Burgundy stands out: close to Paris, She is a nugget of calm and tranquility in an ocean of ever-changing tourist destinations. Press pause.

A destination where time has value

“Do nothing”, “pass the time”, “take the times”. So many expressions that we find among neo-rural people, vacationers and locals. Without wasting any of your time, you will find it again, find yourself. Between reconnection and awareness, Puisaye-Forterre will be your fortress, your little corner of Burgundy.

Nathalie Jard / Puisaye Tourism

A preserved nature

The territory imbued withStory and charm, is a natural gem nestled between the Chablisien and Sancerre. At the heart of this region, Lac du Bourdon extends its tranquil waters, offering a peaceful refuge for a multitude of animal and plant species. There nature reigns supreme in these preserved places, inviting you to discovery on foot or by bike through his hiking trails. Its mouths and faces are proof of the major interest shown by the community, associations and residents in Puisaye-Forterre.

Each corner of this little-known region reveals a little more of its wild beauty, offering visitors an authentic and unforgettable experience. Land ofwater, forests and Highlands, it presents both preserved and classified sites as Andryes Marsh et the Ferrier of Tannerre-en-Puisaye and at the same time, sites which are part of the landscape such as the medieval castle of Guedelon in Treigny or the Wolf Pyramid in Toucy.

Your favorite hikes

Castle of Druyes-les-Belles-Fontaines
Gérard Poulin


In Druyes-les-Belles-Fontaines

Medieval castle, viaduct, springs, washhouse: a marked hike, ideal for the family.

A tour of the fortified castle… without taking your eyes off it

The Villéon hike in Puisaye-Forterre
Gerard Poulin


In Bitry

Emmanuel de la Villéon is a painter who lived in a beautiful residence in the hamlet of Salvard. The route is decorated with panels with reproductions and comments.

Discovery trail La Villéon en Puisaye

The Colette trail, starting from Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye
Daniel Salem


In Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye

Along this path, everything recalls the stories of Colette, born in Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye. You will cross the Loing to reach the pretty village of Moutiers, its pond and its fabulous murals of the Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul church.

Colette Trail

Unusual tourist sites

La Puisaye-Forterre is full of captivating tourist sites that promise a enriching and memorable stay. THE Castle of of Saint-Fargeau, steeped in history, offers a historical spectacle breathtaking every summer which transports visitors through the ages. THE Park of Boutissaint immerses you in the heart of nature for a visit up close to the fauna and flora. HAS Guedelon, a medieval fortified castle is built using ancestral techniques, offering unique immersive experience. The Wolf Pyramid attracts the curious in search of unusual discoveries on the history and evolution of the wolf, and beyond, theimportance of each species for biodiversity. Literature enthusiasts can visit the birthplace of Colette in Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye, plunging into the world of this famous writer. There Aubigny underground quarry in Taingy traces the tradition of limestone cutting which allowed the construction of emblematic buildings over the centuries. A stone cutting workshop is even possible!

Traveling through this region, each visit holds moments of wonder and learning, while the museums further enrich this cultural experience.

Traditions preserved

In Puisaye-Forterre, traditions are carefully preserved, offering visitors a authentic immersion in the local culture. Village festivals, real annual meetings, are moments where mingle traditions ancestral and modern festivities. THE local associations play an essential role in preserving these traditions, organizing events that highlight the living heritage of Puisaye-Forterre. At the heart of this region, the Moulin de Vanneau farm perpetuates traditional agricultural know-how with the harvest festival of yesteryear. Local potters shape, perpetuating an ancestral craft in their workshops and on pottery markets. The weekly markets, unmissable events, are the meeting place par excellence and the heart of the villages which they host every week. You will enjoy strolling the cobbled streets of Toucy, listening to the town crier on the square of Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye or having a drink in one of the cafés of Charny during these friendly mornings.

Characterful Burgundian villages

From Charny Orée de Puisaye to Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye, our villages each have their own particularities which appeal to holidaymakers. The typical habitat between bricks, terracotta tiles et half-timbered, characteristics of the region, are found in the communes and hamlets forming a harmonious whole where each walk offers a curiosity to discover. From the church to the wash house, from the castle to the small shop, you will stroll to discover this small local heritage. For a weekend or a week, you will take on another, gentler pace of life and meet a community of producers and artisans who together preserve the art of living that we so envy in France.

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