La Puisaye-Forterre inspired creative geniuses, whether writers, painters or potters. You will find many workshops and art galleries in our villages. Our artisans work earth, stone, metal, wood... to create unique pieces. La Puisaye is reinventing its own history by innovating today on the foundations of a rich past.

In 2023, the “City and crafts” label was awarded to the Puisaye-Forterre area. The village of Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye joined the “Ville et Métiers d’art” network several years ago.

La Puisaye-Forterre labeled “City and Crafts”

This label reflects the community's commitment on a daily basis: support and support for craftsmen, promotion of know-how. It underlines the recognition of training offers and the development of promotion tools in favor of artistic professions. Nearly 150 craftsmen are based in Puisaye-Forterre. They exhibit in their workshops and are widely represented in venues (museums, galleries, boutiques…). This sector represents an undeniable cultural, tourist and economic force. The label further affirms the presence and vitality of these actors and all the actions carried out in this sector.

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