Fras tart, cheeses aged on local farms, apple juice, craft beers, cherries… You will have something for everyone in Puisaye! Meet our producers on their farm or in the village shops. Discover their passion and enjoy a tasting of good local products.

The Puisaye farm drive

For your holidays or for everyday life, the Puisaye farm drive association offers delivery services for local products to your home.

Local and seasonal foods are available to order for your next gourmet meals: eggs, meats, fruits, vegetables, breads, drinks, ice creams, etc.

brunch basket of local products via the Puisaye farm drive

Our local producers from Puisaye-Forterre

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EARL du Deffand

A Lunch on the Grass

The Bad Boys

Domaine Delhomme

SCEA Les P'tits Cabris

The Red Barn

EARL de la Jaunière

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