Concerned about its environmental impact, the Tourist Office limits the sending of documentation. We encourage you to freely consult our documents online by clicking on the desired edition and to come and meet us in our seven tourist offices. For all other requests, you can contact us using online form.

Our tourist brochures

Tourist Map 2024 - Puisaye-Tourisme

Our accommodation brochures

Practical guide to accommodation and catering
Guides to gites and furnished accommodation - Puisaye-Tourisme
Campsites Guide - Puisaye-Tourisme
Motorhome areas - Puisaye-Tourisme
PMR Accommodation Guide 2024

Our catering brochures

Guide to Restaurants with my dog ​​2024

Our other brochures

Guide to Tourist Sites with my dog ​​2024
Guide to Mural Paintings in Puisaye-Forterre
Local guide for producers in Puisaye-Forterre
Guide to the sports and cultural associations of Puisaye-Forterre - Puisaye-Tourisme
Group circuit coverage 2024 ADT 89
Cover Travel diary 2024 ADT 89

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