Far, far from the shopping centers, the boutiques in Puisaye-Forterre, located in the heart of our villages, bring service, originality of products and quality of welcome. To extend your vacation, bring back a meaningful souvenir, by purchasing products created and manufactured here. By choosing to support our local artisans and producers, you will contribute to the preservation of our heritage and our eco-system.

Local products: flavors and discoveries

Let yourself be seduced by the authentic flavors of our region by exploring the markets and our local businesses. Taste the macaroons of Puisaye de la Fléchais pastry shop, the natural wines from the Delhomme estate, the succulent parsley ham from our butchers, the Saint-Sauveur pavement, or the emblematic gougère... which make the gastronomic reputation of Puisaye-Forterre. Perfect gifts to take home or enjoy on site.

Sébastien, chocolatier at the Moulin Rouge estate
François and the garden of the Thorains

Crafts and Art: Tradition and Authenticity

The lovers of art or craft objects will be delighted by the diversity of galleries, boutiques and workshops scattered throughout Puisaye-Forterre. Ceramics, tableware, sculpture… let yourself be inspired by the creativity of our craftsmen and artists and find unique pieces that will embellish your interior or to give as a gift, in galleries and boutiques or on our pottery markets.

Céline and Fabien from Espace Terre Badal in Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye
Sébastien and the Métairie Bruyère graphic arts center
The gallery workshop in Toucy

Responsible shopping

Did the youngest forget her anorak or have you decided to buy a country house and furnish it at a low price? Second-hand shops offer inexpensive and quality clothing and for furniture and crockery, two recycling centers exist in the area. For readers, we invite you to Patrick, bookseller and second-hand dealer in Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye. A real maze of books on 3 floors, of all genres and in good condition.

Second-hand shops and recycling centers:

Give Puisaye as a gift

Artisans and traders from Puisaye-Forterre offer us their beautiful creations all year round. They will be perfect eco-responsible gift ideas. Whether for her, for him, for the children, grandparents or family, Puisaye is full of exceptional creations and initiatives at all prices. Let's encourage him local and let's take advantage of the comfort of our home or our visit to the region to open the doors of our businesses and boutiques.

9 good reasons to eat local in Puisaye-Forterre

  1. A healthier diet: these are fresh products that pass directly from the
    field to plate.
  2. Taste on the plates: because they are seasonal products, not forced and
    put on the shelves at the best time.
  3. A preserved land: Lentils, fruits, dried fruits… discover flavors
    authentic, preserving ancient cultures and species.
  4. The pleasure of the market : take the time to stroll past the stands set up in the pretty cobbled streets of our villages
  5. Reduced packaging: your arms, a nice basket and a reusable bag are enough.
  6. A bond of trust: local producers or artisans will always enjoy discussing their production method or their know-how.
  7. Promote local innovation: buying local means encouraging the creation of new products or new forms of commerce.
  8. Know-how preserved and developed: The skill of the potter, the gestures of the bakers or pastry chefs, the sharp eye of the cutler, the delicacy of the decorations on ceramics... All these local crafts are successfully crossing the threshold of the 21st century
  9. Good for the land: by buying local, you trigger a virtuous circle around
    your vacation spot.

What are the typical products to buy during a visit to Puisaye-Forterre?

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