The Tourist office “Talent Week Challenges”

The 15 June 2018 IRIS Interactive

Here we go, the Puisaye-Forterre tourist office launches its “Talent Week Challenges” on Instagram !

The concept is easy: during a week every month you can post a photo (which you shot yourself) matching the given theme.

And the very first one in starts in February! The theme: love is in Puisaye !

All right, it may seem an easy theme, but try to play with you imagination😉

So you have a week from the 12th to 18th of February midnight to post a photo on the theme!

Here are a few rule to follow (as often):
–  Participants are allowed to send only ONE picture each, if you tag several photos they’ll all be removed
– The photo must have been taken in the territory of Puisaye-Forterre, if not you must localise the place where your photo was shot.
–  You can’t recycle old photos for this challenge and it must be uploaded by next Sunday midnight. So please go out and shoot a new snapshot– Above all, you’re expected to have fun !
–  Starting in February from Monday 12th to Sunday 18th
– Hastag : #geniuswc1 + #laPuisayeaduGenie
– Of yourse you must be the owner of the photo ! And as it’s going to be such a wonderful picture, we’ll post it on the net (we’ll let you know anyway)
– 4 winners will be announced the following Tuesday and you’ll be able to vote for your favorite picture

The winner will be announced on Wednesday.

If you don’t like the rules, there’s no obligation to join the contest. On the other hand, it you post a picture, it shall imply that you agree to the stated conditions.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

And if you feel like joining us, Wether it be with a touch of witt, wether it be  with a touch of talent, don’t forget to hastag la #Puisaye 😜

Upcoming dates and themes are to be found in preview on Instagram.

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