Audrey spent the night at le château de Saint-Fargeau show

The 15 June 2018 IRIS Interactive
Et si l'on revivait l'histoire le temps d'un soir ?
Spectacle du château de Saint-Fargeau

What if we went back through the history of France for one night ?

10.15 p.m, night is gently falling gently on le château de Saint-Fargeau. The seats are almost already all taken. The show is about to start.

10.30 p.m, night at last, all the lights are turned off, the music starts. Hundreds of ghosts appear from everywhere, they’re going to make us relive the history of the castle in one night.

It all starts in the Middle Ages with Héribert, Jacques Coeur or Joan of Arc. Festive scenes  and others a little darker succeed one another. I already knew the show but when I discovered the 3D effects, I honestly was not expecting anything like that. The castle builds itself up before our eyes, and the result is just… wow !

3D effects which really ad up something to the show

Spectacle du château de Saint-Fargeau

We are now exploring the Renaissance with la Grande Mademoiselle sent to Saint-Fargeau in exile and where she will recreate her own court. But after this episode, a terrible fire devastates the castle and here you go, the castle catches fire thanks to the 3D effects.

And finally,  June 1944, la libération, with fireworks to top it all !

Everyone is happy and the hundreds of volunteers gather for a last ovation.

Spectacle du château de Saint-Fargeau

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