An evening at the Moulin Rouge

The 15 June 2018 IRIS Interactive

From the first Saturday of July to the last Saturday of August, there is an unmissable event on th north of la Puisaye: the Rencontres des Arts Gourmands at the Moulin Rouge.

Well of course, the mythical Parisian cabaret hasn’t relocated in Burgundy. It is rather a former summer camp, in a place called Moulin Rouge which has been transformed for many years into a holiday cottage / chocolaterie / trout fishing spot / and there even is a little wolf museum.

For 3 years now, the place is a must go on Saturday nights. You’ll be hosted by Annie and her son Sebastien (the master chocolatier, but that I will tell you all about that in another article).

it’s 7 p.m already, the local producers who have just arrives are already installed. The smell of Chablis saussages or vegetable gratin flies the air and opens your apetite.

I Immediately I start to stroll, I stop by the craftsmen…and actually these little leather bracelets are cute and everything! My summer treat from me to myself 😉

Tourist office one day, tourist office always, I don’t miss the occasion to drop some tourist guides ( I always have some ready in the car !).

Good evening sir, hello madam, I saw you at the office, didn’t I ? So how’s your holiday going ? You’re delighted, arn’t you ? Let’s have dinner together so you can tell me everything about it ! That’s how you make friends in my profession 😉

But quickly, we can’t chat anymore, our heads nod, captivated by the music of the evening group. Rock songs, French variety … anyway, the dance floor is quickly invated! We jump, we twist, we dance … the atmosphere is just wicked and the heat is on.

After a break  to drink and grabb a bite (I just adore the organic popcorn) here you go again! you meet people (acquittances of course !). Then you dance again, you eat another little something … and it is 11 p.m already… but there is a surprise fireworks awaiting us, just to close the evening with style ! It’s not every night like that, but now and then there’s a little extra, just for your enjoyement.

In short, the “RAG” is happiness every Saturday night, it’s been 3 years already and we can warmly thank Sebastien Métoyer, his mom Annie and his companion for everything 😉

I just can’t wait for the next session !

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