La Charité sur Loire

The city won several awards such as the Unesco classification of its priory and the city of art and history label. Not bad isn’t it ? But just between you and me, it truely is a nice city.
La Charité sur Loire - ©Virginie salle seutin

La Charité sur Loire – ©Virginie salle seutin

La Charité sur Loire, city of words

Conveniently located on the banks of the Loire with the renowed Loire à vélo, you’ll enjoy walking around the city which invites you wander, especially along the Way of Saint Jacques de Compostela.

To further your discovery just ramble the narrow streets of this fortified city and cross the stone bridge.

And by the way did you know that the « faubourg », a district of the city sits on an island of the Loire? I won’t tell you more as our colleagues at the Tourist Office organise guided tours. It’s for you now to go and explore the city…

And I was about to forget to tell you… If you’re visiting with your family, there’s a geocaching route that will make you walk around the city in an amusing way as you’re looking for it’s hidden treasures...You’re on holiday after all !

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