That's it ! Your favorite car brand has released an electric model and you like it! It’s decided, you’re taking the plunge! In addition, it will be more practical, economical and in line with your values. Only small problem…. How will it be on vacation? Rest assured, in Burgundy, everything is planned 😉

The electric car recharges

Electric charging stations 1h30 from Paris

Barely left home and already arrived in Puisaye-Forterre! And even if the battery can still last a while, we can already recharge the ammunition in Charny! In Puisaye-Forterre, there are no less than 20 Commons And sites, distributed throughout the territory which have in all, 52 charging points.

The terminals installed by the SDEY (Yonne departmental energy union) allow accelerated and normal charging (50km in 30min) or fast (130km in 30min), which will give you ample time for a short walk or visit !

From Charny to Treigny (and even to Guedelon !) and of Rogny-les-Sept-Ecluses in Courson-les-Carrières, you can quietly enjoy the gentle Burgundian countryside along the terminals!

map of electrical terminals in Puisaye-Forterre

And if you are not subscribed to the network, rest assured! Connect via your smartphone to the application freshmile or by scanning the QR code affixed to each charging point: no registration required, no application to download. 3, 2, 1: Charge!

And while waiting for the charge, enjoy the places to visit et of nature ! 😉

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