The change of scenery is not necessarily where you expect it! What if you travel taking your time. La Puisaye-Forterre celebrates a lifestyle respectful of the environment. Far from the urban tumult, here you reconnect with nature while fully enjoying the present moment. Opt for an eco-responsible vacation, local consumer and reserving a committed hosting.


Explore Puisaye-Forterre in harmony with this preserved and authentic nature.

Our committed accommodation

Many of our hosts have arranged their accommodation with the desire to be part of a sustainable development approach. In order to promote their assets, the community of communes of Puisaye-Forterre and the Tourist Office have created a territorial charter allowing accommodation providers to engage in a process of progress towards sustainable and responsible tourism.

Enjoy, eat local!

Nathalie Jard / Puisaye Tourism
tasting at the Jardin des Thorains

Awaken the locavore that lies dormant in you! Eating local limits transport and packaging and enriches our eco-system: It's good for everyone. In Puisaye-Forterre, it's easy to eat local, between the weekly markets, local produce shops, producers, the restaurants and drive from Puisaye farms, everything is put in place to make your life easier.

Nature activities

Opt for local crafts

Buying local crafts means above all preserving the know-how of artisans. They favor the sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and they have often developed unique techniques that they pass on from generation to generation. You thus allow fair remuneration for the craftsman without going through an intermediary-reseller. And then there are often great encounters while exchanging with them about their techniques and their know-how.

Arsène Jurman / Puisaye Tourism
Boutique Art d’Ici Saint-Fargeau

modeling workshop after visiting the Maison de la Mémoire Potière with the family
Arsène Jurman / Puisaye Tourism

Create your own memories

If you have an artistic soul, make your own souvenir by participating in creative and manual workshops, which will allow you:

  • To discover local know-how
  • To bring your creation home
  • To meet people
Creative workshops

Prioritize meetings

Holidays are also great times to interact with locals and meet people. Chat with traders and stay advisors in our 7 Tourist Offices! These locals will be delighted to share their little local secrets. And then with social networks and the internet, it's easy to keep in touch, this will allow you to remember your vacation.

The traveler's charter

Eco-friendly actions to adopt to travel responsibly

The Puisaye-Forterre Tourist Office and professional stakeholders have co-written a traveler's charter to develop a sustainable and responsible tourism practice in the region, and thus develop an ethical charter for the traveler.

The 5 good reasons to spend a meaningful vacation:

  1. Limit the waste of natural resources.
  2. Limit your waste by following sorting instructions in your rental and at tourist sites. In nature, limit the trace of your passage by bringing back your waste.
  3. Contribute to the economic development of Puisaye-Forterre by consuming local products.
  4. Adopt responsible behavior while respecting the natural environment and the way of life of the inhabitants.
  5. Be open to meeting residents because they are the ones who will speak best about their place of life, its values ​​and its state of mind.

Our little tips from locals for a stay with a positive impact

A few little tips are enough to make your vacation a stay with a positive impact. The team from the Tourist Office, residents of Puisaye-Forterre, reveal their virtuous resourcefulness to you.

I stroll through the markets to find products from our farms.


At the end of my stay, I leave the tourist documentation in the accommodation and I take my most beautiful memories with me.


I walk the gentle hills of Forterre to contemplate its most beautiful panoramic views.


I consult the sorting instructions during my vacation, in my accommodation.


I use my bike or take advantage of a run to go to the Bakery.

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