Parcours des Amis d'Harpignies

Marked hike No. 107. Course focused on painting with The Michelangelo of Trees. Around twenty representations of Henri Harpignies' paintings punctuate this walk among the trees, sunken paths and viewpoints of Puisaye. Saint-Privé is classified as one of the “Cities of Burgundy – Franche-Comté” villages.

Route details


A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Access to the car park is from Allée Robert Baron and Renée Baron-Peyrou, a few spaces on the right or at the end of this alley. Avoid parking on the edge of the pond.
Regular arrowing on enameled panels.

(D/A) Follow the pond to the right to reach the Rigole de Saint-Privé. In front of this gutter, go to the right. Arriving at the small arched bridge which spans the channel, take it and reach a tarmac road.

(1) Cross and climb the sunken path. At the cross path, turn left, cross between the house and the farm, arrive on the road (no directional sign – April 2019).

(2) Go down this lane on the left. At the entrance to the first curve, take the path which takes a hairpin on the right (“Camerolle” sign). Halfway up, turn left (viewpoint over the village) and continue to the next cross path. Take it on the left, keep the enclosure wall on the left and reach Rue du Tumulus opposite the cemetery.

(3) Turn right, walk along the perimeter wall of the cemetery. At the crow's feet, keep Rue du Tumulus on the left, continue straight on to the end. Facing the path, go down Rue du Stade and reach Rue de la Puisaye (D90).

(4) Cross with caution. Turn left then immediately right, direction Cultural Center. In front of the car park, follow a right-left path for a round trip to Le Loing. Before the footbridge and the spot presenting one of Henri Harpignies' works, turn around and walk along the Henri Harpignies Cultural Center. Go down the path, follow the gutter, cross it and reach Rue de la Puisaye. Cross with caution through the protected passage.

Go back towards the town center via Rue Henri Harpignies, pass in front of the church to arrive in front of the Square du Souvenir. Go up the wide stairs on the left and end up in front of La Trémellerie - the former home of Henri Harpignies. Facing the building, turn left and left again before entering the cemetery. In front of the church, turn right into Rue du Lavoir. Facing the wash house, turn left, then right into Rue Henri Harpignies to reach the pond (D/A).
DifficultyEasyDuration01hElevation52 mDistance3,9 km
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