Moutain Biking

Les Sources de l'Ouanne

If the Ouanne has long been considered to have its source in the heart of the eponymous village, it was by chance that its true source was discovered.

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Moutain Biking

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

The starting point is located in the car park located at Place Jean Goutte Toquet in Ouanne.

(D/A) With your back to the river, go up towards the side street. Take it on the right. Take Rue Principale, turning right and arriving in front of a flat bridge spanning a branch of the river.

(1) Just after crossing the bridge, turn left, Rue des Vignes. In the 90° curve, go left onto a path. Cross the footbridge and continue on this strip with the road on the right hand side. Shortly before the last properties, take a wide grassy strip on the right, crossing the street at the end of it.

(2) Go to the left and quickly arrive in front of a courtyard with sheds on the right. Leave the street leading to the artisanal buildings on the left to go straight on a path. After 2 consecutive curves, reach a semi-tar/semi-grass track which leads to a cross road. After a quick left/right, take the path upstream of the wash house. Continue without worrying about leaving on the right and again find a part of the road which leads onto the D950 in Usselot.

(3) Take the latter on the right for approximately 250 m then leave it to take a path on the right with a steady climb at the beginning then steepening as you approach the edge of the woods. Come out onto a stabilized side road.

(4) Go left and flat. At the next intersection, facing 2 wind turbines, head to the right. Soon 4 masts appear, leave the different departures serving the technical platforms and head towards the cabins.

(5) Leave them by pressing to the right and then right again at the next fork to attack the descent to the Montputois washhouse. Be careful when operating agricultural machinery around farm buildings.

(6) Execute a slight left/right while leaving the path which leads to the technical methane production parts of the farm to take the path passing very close to the buildings and sheds. On the shallow descent, turn left twice and reach a wide cross path via a false flat.

(7) Pass at the foot of an isolated tree (December 2021) and to the right, go down to Pierrefitte le Haut. At the exit onto the road, use it until the junction with the D950.

(8) Cross with caution to go straight. Pass at the foot of the Pierrefite le Bas washhouse (resurgence of the Ouanne). At the end of the road, go straight on the path to leave on the right at the first fork. Continue with a regular descent crossing between fields of large crops. Leave a small vegetated section on the right and shortly before a hedge on the right, leave this lane by turning left.

(9) Continue uphill and reach the summit part. At the crossroads, continue straight ahead and go down to Duenne. In the hamlet, continue until the crossroads marked by a central grassy island.

(10) Go to the right, then left immediately after. Follow the stony path which climbs up to the junction with the Roman Road. Ignore this and go right on a short stretch of road, then a short stretch of road and arrive on the D85.

(11) Cross with caution to go straight ahead and reach a cross road.

(12) Take it on the right, until the big bend about 500 m away.

(13) Go down using a rather technical path passing along the edge of the woods with some risk of branches crossing and ruts. At the road, go straight on for around 200 m.

(14) In front of the wooded strips, turn right to arrive on the tarmac road. Take it until the crossroads with the D85. Cross and turn left to return to the route already taken.

(1) Continue straight, then left in front of the square towards Toucy (D/A).
DifficultyMediumDuration02hElevation277 mDistance18,5 km
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