Les Lavoirs de Coulangeron

Marked hike No. 6. The springs and wash houses without forgetting the Château and Chapelle de Chéry will be the most important heritage parts to discover for this outing. Throughout this route, there is an alternation between valleys and hills from which there are numerous viewpoints.

Route details


A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Departure is from the car park located at the foot of the Coulangeron wash house, below the church.

(D/A) Reach the church and opposite it, go to the left. At the crow's feet, turn right onto Rue de la Chaumotte. This ends at the last houses along the way. At the intersection, go straight ahead, leaving the side exits. On the plateau, let a first branch pass on the left, then a second on the right. Go down towards the woods to reach the bottom of the valley.

(1) Turn right. Keep to the main path to pass under a power line. Come to a road intersection. A wash house with picnic area is located approximately 50 m on the left.

(2) Coming back from this washhouse, go up the tarmac road located on the left.

(3) At the junction of streets and roads, leave the first junction on the right and take the D83 road on the right (direction Ouanne); walk about fifty meters to take the path on the left. Shortly before a grove, with a view overlooking the village of Usselot on the left, turn right (hill 328). Reach a road.

(4) Turn left and shortly after right onto the second path. At the next intersection, go to the right. At the next intersection, go straight ahead and dive towards the woods. Reach a road.

(5) Go down on the left towards the houses. Cross Crosle-le-Haut, keeping to the tarmac road which reaches Crosle-le-Bas.

(6) Turn right onto the second path (located shortly before the wash house). A good climb leads to a plateau of agricultural crops. Leave the side paths at the first and second crossroads.

(7) Turn right. After approximately 400 m, go straight on at the first crossroads to go down to the left at the next one. Cross the Bois de Chéry, passing the foot of the castle and its French garden.

(8) At the washhouse, leave the road to go up the path on the right. At the T formed by the agricultural roads, turn left (a return trip to the Chéry chapel is recommended).

(9) Shortly after passing under a power line, opposite the village of La Grilletière, go to the right. The path goes down to Les Chocats.

(10) Cross the road and go up the street with its central gutter. At the top, in the curve described by this route, take the path on the right.

(11) After a fairly steep climb, bear right towards the woods. Stay on the edge, forget to start on the left.

(12) Take the path on the left which passes under a farm building and keep it to return to the starting intersection. Go down the tarmac lane on the right, reach the car park (D/A).
DifficultyMediumDuration04hElevation242 mDistance12,1 km
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