Le Thabor

Marked hike No. 66. A hike with large parts of the undergrowth with some beautiful views from the few natural windows in the hedges.

Route details


A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Departure from the parking lot of the village hall located at the northern exit of the village of Fontaines.

(D/A) At the exit of the car park, head towards the town of Fontaines. Quickly reach the four-way intersection by taking the sidewalk on the right. Go right towards Mézilles. Go for about a hundred meters to turn right towards Les Berthelots.

(1) Head to the right. The tarmac ends quickly and after the entrance leading towards a wood storage area a path takes place. Continue heading north to reach a service road. Take it on the right to leave it quickly by turning left. After a slight curve in the road, locate an entrance under a forest on the right.

(2) Enter through the latter into the undergrowth and keep the main path which ends on a road.

(3) Go to the right, leaving the first lane serving a few houses. Continue downhill to find a side road just before a property. Take it by turning right and ending up on the D955.

(4) Cross with great caution and continue on the left shoulder until the nearby crossroads indicating Les Carreaux. Take this direction until the Y formed by the streets at the entrance to the hamlet. Keep to the right and go down this small road, leaving Les Bezots on the right, then crossing Ru des Vernes. Arrive at the edge of the Bois de la Ravière.

(5) Take the path on the right which initially runs alongside a meadow on the right and quickly plunges into the undergrowth.

(6) In front of the edge of the woods, do not continue straight through the undergrowth, but turn right onto the path which is not very obvious at the very beginning. Leave this steep path in a straight line to go on the right and reach Bas-Jaffot.

(7) Turn left near the house without passing onto the service road. Continue straight ahead, reach the Château du Thabor and continue straight on, leaving the paths on the right. Arriving at the entrance to Fontaines, turn right, go up the street to find the starting crossroads. There, turn right, immediately cross the main street on the protected passage. Turn right and keep this sidewalk on the left to head towards the parking lot (D/A).
DifficultyEasyDuration02hElevation61 mDistance6,9 km
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