La voie romaine et le puits à manège à cheval

This horseback ride offers the climb to the Montagne des Alouettes then, via the Roman Road, to discover an old carousel well. It lends itself perfectly to equine teams. This route is common with the marked mountain bike circuit called Les vallons de Forterre towards the Roman road (circuit No. 205).

Route details


A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Departure from Place de la Mairie.

(D/A) Leave by going around the church to the right, following the path which runs alongside the lime trees or via the small street if you are driving. Join Rue de la Chapelle. Before the gas station, turn left into Rue des Courgelles. Then take the first road on the right. At the big curve, leave the road to take the path opposite. At the T-junction, turn right and find a cross road.

(1) Take it on the left until the next crossroads.

(2) Enter and cross the hamlet of Villeneuve via the right lane and continue heading east. The road ends along the way. Let the next one go left and start climbing to reach the D6.

(3) Cross, with caution, go straight on and follow until the next cross path, located 200 m after the old mill. Continue along the right path. Arrive on the road.

(4) 100m on the left is the highest point of Montagne des Alouettes (378m). Go down this road, on the right, to the D6.

(5) Cross, with caution, and continue straight on the dirt path (old Roman road) and join the D66.

(6) Cross, with caution, and continue opposite along the path. Continue straight ahead to reach, in a curve, the next tarmac lane.

(7) Leave the old Roman road by taking this road on the right, for 400 m.

(8) Turn left onto the stony path. Leave the right and left paths to end up on the D3 or D5 (change of department).

(9) Leave the farm on the left, turn right onto this road to cover approximately 300 m, remaining very careful.

(10) Cross and turn left, direction Les Murailles. Go down the path to the cross. Turn right, at this one, onto a path.

(11) At the end, take the road on the left for 50 m and turn left along the surrounding walls of the Château de Flassy. Continue while keeping the road.

(12) Pass in front of the carousel well and between the entrance to the farm on the left and the house on the right. Take the path on the left which leads to a cross path.

(13) Turn right, continue straight on, until the next crossroads (on the route, leave a departure on the right and enter the woods).

(14) Turn right and walk for around 500 m to find the start of the path, in a hairpin, on the left.

(15) Take it, leaving the next start on the right, and join the road.

(16) Cut this lane and continue straight on until you reach a crossroads of five roads.

(17) Take the second on the right and join the D3.

(18) Take this road for 200 m, leave it for a path on the left with houses on the right. Cut the following tarmac lane. Leave the sports field on the left and arrive on the D66.

(19) Remaining very careful when traveling on this road, reach, on the right, the departure village (D/A).
DifficultyMediumDuration06hElevation154 mDistance18,0 km
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