La Vallée des Ânes

Marked hike No. 28. Nice route between woods and plains. This route was recognized and traced by members of the local association “À Travers Champs”. It is completely marked with yellow plaques, black writing and yellow arrows on a red background. It can be covered on horseback or mountain bike.

Route details


A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

(D/A) From the Champ de Foire car park, facing the cedars and the school, cross the main road (D104) using the pedestrian crossing.
In front of the school turn left, behind the cedar tree, following the fence. Turn right at the corner of the school, follow the dead end road below.
In the fire brigade courtyard, turn left, go down the grassy path to the playground, continue in this area towards the fence, up to the chicane on the left. Take it, turn left onto the tarmac road then right until the next crossroads.

(1) At this point, take the path on the left, ignoring the side paths.

(2) Turn left. Arriving at the road, turn right

(3) At the crossroads (farm on the right), take the street on the left to the top of the village. Leave the first path on the right which merges with a farm entrance to take the 2nd path on the right.
Walk about 500m, turn onto the first path on the right which enters the woods.

(4)At the 1st forest crossing, go straight then take the 1st path on the right. Follow this path, ignoring the right or left paths, until you leave the woods. In front of you, a large meadow, turn right, then next fork on the right. The path plunges back into the undergrowth and goes down to the intersection with the Vellery road.

(5) Cross and continue until the entrance to La Poterie.

(6) Cross this village towards the North-East, ignoring all the paths and roads on the left and right.
Continue until the intersection with the next road, take it for 50m to leave it and turn off at the first path on the right.

(7) Go right again. Follow this path which crosses the fields to the bottom of the valley. Reach a cross path. Turn right to reach a small road.

(8) Take this road on the left and continue. In the large curve which turns left, ignore the path which goes to the right.

(9) Before entering Breuilleron, leave a path on the left to take the path on the right. You will be facing the church of Étais. Continue to reach a tarmac road.

(10) Take this portion of asphalt road on the left. Before the cross road, take the pedestrian path on the right to join the main street.
At the intersection, head straight towards the church, which you have to go around on the left until you reach Route de la Gare, turn left for 20m and then turn right into Rue Hungariane. At the end of this street, turn right. At the stop sign, left, then left and right to reach the starting point (D/A).
DifficultyMediumDuration03hElevation87 mDistance12,3 km
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