La butte de Test-Milon

Marked hike No. 59. Route from Lain around Test-Milon with passage on the Roman road.

Route details


A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Parking on the Place de l’Église.

(D) With your back to the entrance to the church, take the main street on the left which runs along the square, then turn left into the first street towards Taingy (Rue de la Forterre). Travel approximately 300m and pass a farmyard on the right.

(1) At the crossroads, turn right (due south) into a small street which ends quickly along the way. Turn left on the path which goes down immediately after the last farm building (on your right, the lagooning station). Continue until you meet a small road to take on the left for approximately 350m.

(2) Leave this road to take the stony path and go up to the hangar. Facing it, turn right, follow the grove (Buisson Berdon) on the right.

(3) You will take part of the old Roman road for 2,5km. The path is very well defined. At the corner of the grove, take the path which goes left (East). At the first intersection with the road, turn left, then at a fork, turn right. Cross a perpendicular road (Route de Vassy). After this regular climb, you will take a little breather on the descent which does not look like it will be very long because you will have to turn left at the bottom of the valley.

(4) Leave this old Roman road for a well-marked grassy path on the left (West). Leave the first path on the left and choose the second on the left which goes up and ends on a road.

(5) Go down this road on the right and take the first path on the left. At the next path, turn right, at the next, left then right at the next. Arriving at the first house, take the right lane.

(6) At the crossroads with the main road, head right with the cemetery and the column in sight. Travel 100m and head left on the stone path, forgetting the path which goes down to the right and join the village street, veering slightly to the left. Arriving at the street, go down to the left, pass in front of the town hall and arrive opposite the main gate of the church with its two Sully lime trees.
DifficultyMediumDuration03hElevation126 mDistance9,3 km
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