Irène on parenting in Puisaye

I wanted to fly away from noise and pollution, so I’ve settled in this haven of peace over 14 years ago. I’ve discovered la Puisaye as I was becoming a mom. Through years, I’ve paced the territory in every way, as I’ve seen my daughters marvel and flourish there.

At first we would quietly go for walks with a pram or a pushchair and we would observe cranes, deers or butterflies. Then, on foot or in boots, we would discover spring water and wildflowers. Little by little, we discovered new sites, forests or ponds. Like Druyes-les-Belles-Fontaines where we still like to go for a trip.

Here, nature keeps all our senses awake with the scent of mown wheats, the freshness of springs and those magical landscapes of misty mornings, and there’s also the bird songs. Even the nights are wonderful and full of stars.

There’s plenty to do, even if we’re at the countryside !

Then came the time for activities. For each age there is somethings to do. La ferme du château where you can milk goats or give the bottle, the accrobranche at le Bois de la Folie to pretend we’re adventurers. And even the cyclo-rails where I let the girls take control of the situation. I must confess that sometimes, we went a little further away to learn about the history of Vauban, dinosaurs and to see the caves.

Today we’ve visited almost all the castles and museums of Puisaye but we still have more to see and enjoy. Whether it is next summers or almost every next week, we are dazzled by fireworks, or the snowy winters where we can bring to live ephemeral sculptures. It’s in Puisaye that we love to live, it’s our piece of countryside. Finally, I must admit that I’ve loved raising my daughters in Puisaye… and I’m not done yet !