tech-less traditions

Here in Puisaye, come and live an old-fashined experience ! Drop your smartphone, your laptop and your tablet to go through the time hallway that will take you a few years back. And when you get back from your holidays, tell your friends that you've had the most unique experience !
Indeed I said most unique (you may think we’re braging here at the tourist office) but we offet you to live old fashioned style experiences in Puisaye :

Le Meunier, moulin de Guédelon – ©Guédelon

Old fashioned farm inns here in Puisaye !

As a metropolitan with rural background, have you ever seen these traditional farms almost self-sufficient ? We sometimes have  the feeling that we’ve lost connections with our roots, the “basics.” But here, at la ferme du château in Saint-Fargeau, you and your younger ones will get the chance to feed the calves and kids. You’ll also be able to enjoy a piece of bread hot from the wood furnace and at the Moulin de Vanneau in Saints en Puisaye, you will see how flour was made at the watermill in the days of yore.

A land of creativity…

Here at la poterie de la Batisse you can learn the basics of pottery making in a workshop for the whole family and craft your first masterpiece that you can bring home and show around at work when you’re back home. And you can tell it’s not made in China !

Indeed in la Puisaye we have a long tradition of pottery making. It’s a land of craft and creativity of art. It’s a thrilling story of harmony between man and clay.

You hearing won’t be left aside. Here at the musée du son your visit is designed around sound and you’ll discover some instruments that you’d never seen before

An old style castle in la Puisaye

Just close your eyes and imagine you’re in the middle of a forest in la Puisaye. Can you hear the blacksmith stamping on his anvil ? And the stonemason carving a piece for the keystone, and his workmate lifting up some material through the human-powered medieval crane ? Can you see the women paintng with ochre to decorate the seigneurial dwelling ? And what about the animals pacing around freely among the builders ? Guess what ? you’re back in the Middle Ages, precisely you’rec at Guédelon. A construction project that you won’t see anywhere elese in the world. And it Tempted already ? Well it’s not over…

We have other places for you to go back through history : there’s the son et lumère show at le château de Saint-Fargeau, and the castles at the villages of Ratilly and Druyes les Belles Fontaines.

Old crafts still in use

If you really feel like unplugging your smartphone and introduce yourself to other lines of work, take the time to visit the underground quarry of Aubigny where you can carve stones or watch Bertrand DEFER the blacksmith from the conservatory museum of the arts of the forge, perpetuating gestures that once punctuated the life of a village.

And make sure to visit the regional center of graphic art of la Métairie Bruyère, a high place of traditional printing. A most unique place in Europe, which has a set of artists ‘studios meant to design original prints and artists’ books.

You see in la Puisaye we can be old fashioned...but the good way