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Looking for a cool hiking spot ? Then it’s time to come and discover the hiking trails in Puisaye. No worries, here you can walk with the whole family, the slopes are not bad, we both have short and longer trails to suit more experienced hikers.
Château de Druyes-les-belles-fontaines

En randonnée, vue du château depuis le viaduc de Druyes-les-belles-fontaines – ©Michel Mourot

Hiking in Puisaye is all about sceneries and atmosphere

Here’s what hiking in Puisaye looks like: a hollow path covered by a canopy of vegetation, the sunlight piercing through the leaves, a hushed nature to the sound of tweeting birds. Peaceful hamlets with their Burgundian houses, flowery houses and spring water running along your path.  Here, hiking rhymes with safety because our paths are marked ! And there’s a 1000 kilometer of it ! On the hiking trails you will discover woods, ponds, forests, groves and cereal plains, as well as some really nice panoramas. You’ll have the opportunity to take your time and bring your picnic. Here nature is preserved, the flora and the groves are green. You’ll even see big trees looking like huge figures with “hair” made of branches on their bloated heads: les Trognes.

Trails for all levels

  • Are you a beginner ? Small thematic trails await you from 3 to 6 km: le sentier Colette, le sentier de la Bataille, le marais d’Andryes are ideal for a family walk.
  • Intermediate hiker, we didn’t forget you with hikes from 7 to 15 km. You will discover our lesser known heritage: Le circuit des sources, la Châtaigneraie Parlycoise, le circuit des trois étangs. Half-day trails, which will enable you to discover some off the beaten path trasures.
  • And for you, the sportsperson, the confirmed hiker, we also have what you need with trails from 15 to 24 km: le circuit des lavoir, between Puisaye and Forterre: water and woods. Day trips, so don’t forget to put your picnic in your rucksack to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the territory.
For 3 years now, we’ve been working hard to satisfy our hikers to the best.
Chemin de randonnée en Puisaye

Les bocages de Puisaye ©Daniel Salem

We eve have bike trails

As for mountain and road bikers, if you like huphill and discovery rides, we are happy to announce that we also have trails for you.

  • If I were you, I’d try the mountain bike trail « les lavoirs » wich stars in Thury, it as a pretty nice section the the bois du roîchat.
  • If you want to remain on nice shady paths with your road bike, why don’t you try the circuit de l’Orme du pont which starts from Saint-Sauveur en Puisaye.

In short, la Puisaye-Forterre is where you want to be for hiking…

Now you understand that la Puisaye  is a land that you have to discover by foot. And as sometimes pictures are worth any words, you can have a look at our photo gallery and then download for free the hikes that interest you.

If you don’t feel adventurous, if you feel like being accompanied, or if you just feel like having a guide to take you off the beaten tracks, the tourist Office and local associations organise theme hikes.

Still hesitating ? So call us or come and see us, we will be happy to help you in your research…