Along the Loire, at the crossroads of the Yonne, the Nièvre, the Cher and the Loiret, the town of Briare is located at the river crossroads of “Loyre en Seyne”. Briare owes its fame to the famous Canal built in the 17th century and to its major work built in the 19th century: the canal bridge.

The Briare Canal

Imagined by Mazoyer, Gustave Eiffel participated in the creation of the aqueduct and thanks to them, it was until 2003 the longest aqueduct in the world (622 meters).

An emblematic port of the Centre-Val-de-Loire region which allowed the junction between the Loire and Paris, it is full of river activities, whether it is boat rental for a weekend or weekly cruise, as well as boat trips for an afternoon or lunch on the water.

Briare aqueduct with a pleasure boat

On a tourist boat cruise, you can discover the history of the locks and their operation along the canal. A bike or boat tour along the water will allow you to take the locks to reach the famous aqueduct.

Tourist activities in Briare

The destination of Terres de Loire et Canals offers a wide range of activities for all ages, including canal boat cruises, group tours of local heritage, bike rides or even events of all types.

The Briare Canal Bridge by bike and on foot
Isabelle Remy / OT Terres de Loire et Canals
The works of the Emaux de Briare museum

In the past, Briare was renowned for its factories, the production of earthenware, pearls and other enamels for making mosaics. The Briare Enamel Museum traces the history of this flourishing industry which contributed to the International fame from the city, it can be visited in groups by reservation.

During your stay in the village of Briare you can also discover the two marines museum and the canal bridge museum retracing the history of the town as boatman city and the history of the bridge.

After tasting good local products in a market or in a restaurant, you can stroll through the alleys of the village near the church. 

Isabelle Remy / Terres de Loire and Canals
The Saint-Etienne de Briare church and its enamel facade
OT Terres de Loire and Canals

Around Briare: castles

Gien earthenware factory located in the heart of the Château
Gien pottery


Chateau de Gien

Located in the heart of the Château de Gien, the earthenware factory is a jewel of French craftsmanship. Its collections, ranging from classic table services to more modern creations, demonstrate artistic richness and exceptional quality, making the Faïencerie de Gien an essential reference in the world of luxury ceramics.

Aerial view of the Bussiere area
Bussiere Castle


Bussiere Castle

This historic 17th century residence is surrounded by a magnificent landscaped park and a pond, offering a idyllically for visitors. often nicknamed the “fishermen's castle”, it is known for its remarkable collection of objects linked to freshwater fishing.

The Château de Saint-Brisson sur Loire and its surrounding countryside
Château de Saint Brisson, All at the Château


Castle of Saint-Brisson-sur-Loire

A few kilometers from Briare, the Château de Saint-Brisson offers an insight into the history of the region. This 16th century castle, surrounded by a magnificent park, hosts guided tours that will delight lovers of history and architecture.

Can we stay in Briare for our stay there?

The territory of Centre-Val-de-Loire and in particular the village of Briare offers accommodation such as guest rooms and campsites. You will also be able to find a nice charming hotel or a quality gîte for you and your group.

Where is the village of Briare located?

The territory of Terres de Loire et Canaux is located in the heart of France in the Loiret in the Centre-Val-de-Loire region, 30 minutes from Saint Fargeau in Puisaye-Forterre, 40 minutes from Montargis and 2 hours from Paris.

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