That's it, hostilities have begun and you are already starting to see the first menu ideas for the end of year celebrations...and the first complications! No mushrooms for uncle, no onions for the children, the sister-in-law is vegetarian and the father-in-law doesn't like chestnuts... everything is fine! We offer you some ideas that will please the whole family.

For the traditional

For many, the end-of-year holidays, especially Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, are an opportunity to eat something exceptional and take the time to cook: we make the puff pastries ourselves and we take the time to water the stuffed capon properly. We finally treat ourselves with some sweet treats and above all we share them with those we love! So from now on, set aside the capon, turkey or poultry that you want (and even already stuffed if you want!) with the Ferme des Bedins in Perreux, the Ferme des Chocats in Coulangeron or the Jardin des Gallines in Tannerre en Puisaye. For foie gras toasts, head to the Ferme des Loges in Saint Privé and let yourself be tempted by the duck breasts for the salad. For accompaniments, we go to the Jardins du champ Verdit in Merry la Vallée, Frémaux Garden in Prunoy or at the Cour aux Roches in Moutiers en Puisaye. And for the decor (as well as for the flavors) we don't forget the tree... in chocolate from home Sébastien Métoyer in Saint Martin sur Ouanne.

traditional Christmas meal

For green enthusiasts

For all those who prefer plates full of vegetable colors, it's time to revisit the classics and create new ones! The many varieties of squash Thorains garden in Lavau can be revisited in many forms, from starter to dessert, in tarts, in puff pastry, in fries, in mashed potatoes... in short, something to have fun in the kitchen! Also juggle with the flavors and aromatic herbs that you will find in Seasonal baskets in Thury. Let's not forget legumes such as lentils and the different types of Deffand flour at Stéphane in Saints en Puisaye which will allow you to broaden your presentation ideas: pie, pie, basket, without forgetting some special homemade breads (perfect for toasts of coral lentils, chestnuts or butternuts 😉). And since it's the season for nuts, hazelnuts and other dried fruits (apricots, figs, etc.), play with textures and flavors in a homemade pudding for dessert!

vegetarian holiday meal

For the expediters

Because sometimes, work, family (or simply the desire...) means that we don't have the time to prepare or enjoy it. So, in these cases, we call on a caterer and treat ourselves to an aperitif dinner or lunch! What could be more practical than receiving the trays directly with heating or presentation instructions. You can then choose between tradition and renewal, discover flavors that are still unknown, treat yourself with all those little appetizers that you never buy during the year despite the desire they give you, and above all, above all! , enjoy yours without being in the oven and the mill! Besides, speaking of the mill, the caterer the Old Mill in Charny can satisfy your desires, just like the Fléchais House in Saint Fargeau or even Bois Guillaume in Villeneuve-les-Genêts. And if you have a light appetite, then organize your meals as a buffet to enjoy here and there, the atmosphere will be even more relaxed and warm! 😊

Christmas catering buffet

For desserts, we will think of the pastry chefs of Puisaye-Forterre and for the logs, of love is in the milk in Moulins-sur-Ouanne.

Our producers, breeders and local product stores are also there to provide you with the best of Puisaye-Forterre!

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