A good table, dishes for all tastes of adults and children alike, where they will appreciate the setting as much as the plate! So, we offer you 5 restaurant ideas 😉

the terrace of the Joumiers restaurant, near the swimming pool and the pond
Nathalie Jard / Puisaye Tourism


The Parc des Joumiers in Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye

Spending an evening at the campsite in a holiday atmosphere, on the terrace, what do you think? A hearty meal, a garnished pizza, and the children can also play and enjoy the bouncy castle!

Camping Parc des Joumiers

outdoor terrace of the Vanneau mill
Arsène Jurman / Puisaye Tourism


The Vanneau Mill in Saints-en-Puisaye

It's the ideal restaurant with children, with extra-local, seasonal, gourmet cuisine and alongside farm animals! And the digestive walk to the Marais will be perfect at the end of the meal.

The Vanneau Mill

Guillaume Wood Terrace
Bois Guillaume


Le Bois Guillaume in Villeneuve-les-Genêts

When enjoying Burgundy, there's nothing like quality local cuisine with specialties like Burgundy snails or beef bourguignon. It gives a real holiday feel to children!

Restaurant Le Bois Guillaume

Auberge du Lac in Saint-Fargeau, terrace with lake view
The Inn of the Lake


The Auberge du Lac in Saint-Fargeau

Terrace with a view of Lake Bourdon! and children playing in the grass and at the water's edge near your table. With its homemade cuisine which varies according to the season and market products, you will savor good food!

Lake Inn

A burger or pizza on the terrace at Mée Coinchotte
Nathalie Jard / Puisaye Tourism


La Mée Coinchotte in Toucy

A homemade pizza or burger? Looking at village life from the terrace, with the children, on a market day, for example, you will love this family moment.

La Mée Coinchotte

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