Remember last Summer…

The 15 June 2018 IRIS Interactive

Don’t worry I’m not talking about the horror movive. On the contrary I’m going to tell you all about the lovely evening I spent nearby Saint Fargeau.

Imagine :

It’s late July, a lot of people are on holiday ! My father and I come up with an adventurous idea : let’s take a hot-air balloon ride. My father is offhand about i, but I mannage to convince him, come on ! So I call Eden Balloon, to schedule the ride by the beginning of August and before my dear papa goes back to work. Damn, the weather conditions are not at the top right now (Bloody weather !!), but no worries Sebastien’ll call me back as soon as he has room and the conditions are good!

And on  a Wednesday morning Sébastien finally calls me back, he has room  for 2  riders on Friday and we’ll take off for sure, the weather is great! But my father has already left … Damn! … well, after all you only live once ! So , I make a reservation just for myself, too bad so sad !

I skeep the week I spent working at the office (I have no doubt that you’ve already dropped by and saw me at the tourist office at Charny).

Here I am, off to Saint Fargeau and more precisely to the park around the castle. Le’s forget about my poor sense of orientation (but damn it, how can you miss a hot-air balloon in the park of the castle of Saint Fargeau ?) So, after going back and forth the castle park, where the staff was getting ready for the evening show… At last, I finally find the takeoff spot ! (Now I get it : I couldn’t see the hot air balloon since they were loading it with helium and so the ballon was flat !! lol).

Sebastian is cool, he knows I’m just out of work. He gives me a recap of the safety instructions (“when I say wait, you wait, when I say you get in the ballon, well you get in…” -> note well : always listen to the captain). And now…  the photo shooting starts ! (Well, I made a selection, because, well… There’s a lot ! About a hundred for a 2h30 flight…).

I ask the usual questions (“we won’t get too high, huh?”) and the usual answers (“no, only about 400m, don’t worry!”), Sébastien warns us: “climb in the basket now ! (See the note well above). So, we all quickly understand that we must hurry. The balloon has straightened up, the basket is standing on the ground only held by Sebastian’s associates, and the helium and the heat pushes the balloon upwards. We can’t miss taking off!

We’re good, everyone is well on board, and we slowly and gently rise up in the air … I cast a look over the basket expecting to fear the heights, but I’m actually doing good. The basket secures me up  to waist heigh, it is stable and strong, in short, I’m safe!

And now I can look around ... my eyes are exploring la Puisaye ... when people say that la Puisaye is a land of water and forests, it’s definitely not a lie! Being born and raised in Lyon I had already fallen in love with la Puisaye-Forterre once, but up there in the poyaudin sky, I was falling in love again. And the château de Saint Fargeau that I saw above, and the town itself ! Then the balloon moved away, and the woods and forests of Puisaye welcomed us open branch ! Further away I could glimpse the villages of Moutiers and Ronchères away, and also discover buildings thatt I didn’t think you could see in Puisaye-Forterre ("but what's there’s a... church?", "Over there ? Yes, it’s a Coptic church! ").

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